Give ‘em a show

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Give ‘em a show

Why you should be using animation to promote your business.

Animation is a powerful tool, and one that is often overlooked by most businesses. Not only can it put visuals to abstract ideas or concepts, but the website Smart Insights also explains how animation can increase conversion rates, boost your SEO, save you time and open you up to the viral nature of the internet.

But enough boring stuff, animation is effective because it is entertaining. There is a reason that animation is often used for children’s programming. There is a natural showman’s element to it that keeps the audience’s attention. Colours and visuals have to necessarily be simplified, which delivers the information in a quick and powerful way, exactly like a well designed logo should.

And animation don’t need to hold the customer’s attention for long. Because of the animation process most videos are short and tend to get right to the point. As they say, “an image is worth a 1000 words”. And that’s a 1000 words you no longer have to say or write out.

Animation does more than just keep peoples attention, It also increases retention of the information that it’s delivering. A study on visual communication by HP showed that people are 50% more likely to retain  information when it is delivered in both a visual and audio format (such as animated video) than visual or audio alone.

Finally, there are no limits to what can be accomplished with animation. Visuals that would be expensive special effects are easy in animations. The look of actors can be crafted to exacting specifications and they don’t need their own trailer. And since editing happens concurrently with the animation, the time to produce the finished product is also cut down.

In this world of competing sales pitches, and boring presentations, a unique and captivating bit of marketing can be just what you need to propel your business and your brand in front of it’s competition.

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